You can easily create and import your own custom boards directly from your computer into Bitsboard with Dropbox.  

The easiest way to get familiar with what the content inside the folder should look like is to first share and upload one of your existing boards from the app into Dropbox or download one of the sample boards below.

Then on your computer look for the "Bitsboard" folder inside your "Dropbox" Folder

Dropbox > Bitsboard

Inside the Bitsboard folder, each folder equals a board.  In other words, if you select to "Import from Dropbox" in your Bitsboard app, the board names that you see will correspond to the names of each folder.

Example 1 - Board with only text and audios

In this example we have added a folder called "Sight Words - Kindergarten" into our Bitsboard folder inside Dropbox.  A board with only text and audios contains just .mp3 files.  It looks just like the example below.

Example 2 - Board with Audios and Images

A board with text, audio, and images, would consist of a folder that has both .mp3 files and image files (.jpg or .png) for each item.  Here is an example.

To create a board like this, you do not need to add a Bitsboard.plist file.  This file is only needed if you would like to add additional information which is explained in the examples below.

Example 3 - Board with Text and Descriptions only

If you want to add additional details to the boards such as descriptions, then you have to add a file called Bitsboard.plist into your folder.  In this example we are creating a board with text only (no audio and no image) and so all that is needed is the Bitsboard.plist file.

While the format of the file might look intimidating at first, all you have to do is follow the example. That's why first uploading a board from the Bitsboard app into your Dropbox account works best because then you can see what the Bitsboard file looks like.

POWER TIP: Bitsboard will automatically generate the Bitsboard.plist file for you.  How?

  1. Create a folder with the images and audios that you want to add on your computer inside the Bitsboard folder in Dropbox
  2. Now import the folder into your Bitsboard app
  3. Now export / upload the same folder from your Bitsboard app back into Dropbox
  4. VOILA - you will now see the Bitsboard.plist file for your board!

NOTE: Any board that you upload from your Bitsboard app into Dropbox, will contain the Bitsboard.plist file.