How do I delete my boards?  

Deleting your boards is really simple.  Just go to Settings > Boards and then press on the trashcan icon in the top right.

Delete Boards on Bitsboard

Once you have pressed on the trashcan icon, you will see an X appear to delete individual boards?

Delete Board

How do I delete boards that I have downloaded?

All of the boards that you have downloaded are automatically grouped into a class called "My Downloads"  You can easily delete all of your downloaded boards by going to Settings > Classes and then pressing on the trash icon in the top right.

Delete Classes on Bitsboard

You will see the word "Delete" next to the classes that you manage and "Drop" next to the classes that you have joined that are managed by another user.  To delete the "My Downloads" class, just press on the "Delete" button.


What if you only want to delete one and not all of your downloaded boards?

In that case, I would just turn individual boards ON/OFF for a given user.  You can do this by just pressing on the favorites icon from Settings > Boards.

You can also access this setting by going to Settings > Account and pressing on "Select Content."

Once you are there, you can then turn individual boards ON and OFF for each user.  

How do you delete boards from the catalog / boards that you have uploaded?

This is also very simple.  From the home screen press on the Catalog button in the top.

Next, press on "My Boards" to see all of the boards and classes that you have shared.  

Once there, press and hold on the board that you want to delete until you see the pop-up that is asking you to confirm the delete action.

Voila... you are all set.