Bitsboard automatically stores how each user is doing for every game and board within Bitsboard.  On the home page, you can see at a glance how familiar the user is with any given board by looking at the progress indicator.

A full circle means that the user has done really well.  Specifically it means that they have answered each of the items in the board correctly the last three times they have been tested on them.   

For example, if a board contains 10 items, then the only way to get to 100% progress means to answer all of the items correctly three times in a row.

Please note that the overall progress is being calculated at the board and not at the game level.  It is more a measure of familiarity than mastery.  For example, you can earn a full progress circle just playing Photo Touch.  However, that does not mean that you also know how to read, write, and spell,all of the content of the board.  

If you want to see how well someone is doing for any particular game, such as Photo Touch, just have them play a round and then review the scorecard at the end. 

You can click on "All Time" to see how the user has done over the last 10 rounds for each game.  

The scorecard tracks the user's performance at the game level.  In other words, if you are looking at the scorecard for "Photo Touch" then you know how the user has done historically while playing Photo Touch.  If you want to see how they have done while playing "Spelling Bee" then have them complete a session and look at the Spelling Bee Scorecard at the end. 

You can easily view the activity of each user from the main user screen by tapping on the user name as illustrated below.

When you press on "View Stats" you see how every user is performing.  It's an easy way to review the scores and activities of each user.

You can also easily share the scorecard with others via email.

When you do, they receive a beautiful PDF report that clearly shows how the user performed for the given activity and board.