The Home Screen

With a few tweaks, Bitsboard can easily become your personal learning platform for just about anything.  Whether you are 2 years old or 99, Bitsboard offers both the games and content to help you accelerate your learning.

All of the key features are immediately accessible from the Bitsboard Home Screen.

1. Switch Users: Click on the user profile image to add new users and to switch between different users.  Bitsboard can be fully customized for each individual student.  You can easily turn both content (boards and classes) and games ON and OFF for each individual student.  This way, you can easily adapt the entire learning environment based on the user's skill.  

Learn how to add multiple users and easily customize the settings for each user.

2. Bitsboard Classes: If you are a student, think of a classes as a collection of boards to learn about a new topic of interest.  If you download individual boards from the catalog, they will automatically be added to the "My Downloads" class.  This way, you can download as many boards as you like without cluttering up the list of boards that appear on the home screen.  

If you are a teacher or parent, Bitsboard classes allow you to easily organize your lessons and make them available for your students.  You have full control over who gets access to your content and everything can automatically be synced to your student's devices.  

Learn more about Bitsboard Classes

3. Select Board: Click on any board to instantly launch the Bitsboard games.

4. Featured Classes: The featured classes contains a huge library of premium classes that were carefully curated and prepared by teachers and professionals.  This is the best way to get started.  You will be sure to find some relevant content to help you learn what you are looking for.  Whether you are looking for content for preschoolers or a list of over 5,000 SAT words.  You can join and download the content of all features classes with just one click.  Please note that some features classes require you to first purchase a premium pass.  This is a one time payment that gives you complete access to all featured classes.  

5. Bitsboard Catalog: Go to the Bitsboard catalog to download new lessons and flashcards.  The catalog is loaded with thousands of carefully curated content across a huge variety of topics. 

6. Search: Search your boards and collections.  Once you have downloaded hundreds of boards, the search feature offers a lightning fast way to quickly find what you are looking for.

7. Settings: Click on the settings button to customize, share, and backup your boards and to customize your learning preferences and adjust the settings of any game. 

8. Track Your Progress: See at a quick glance how familiar the user is with any board.  A full circle means that they are very familiar with the content.  A blank circle means that they are just getting started.

9. Hide: Once you have downloaded the featured classes that you would like to learn, you can hide the entire section of featured classes by pressing on the hide button.  You can always reactive the featured classes from the settings page later.