A question that we frequently receive from teachers is how to use Bitsboard to create custom lessons / how to control exactly what choices are presented to the students on the screen.

Fortunately, this is super simple and easy to do.  Let's walk through an example.  Imagine that you have a photo of an empty glass and a full glass and you want to present both items on the screen so that the user can pick the correct answer.  How can we accomplish this with Bitsboard?

1. Create a new board

2. Add the new items to the board.  Item 1 has a label called "empty" and item 2 has a label called "full"

3. Now mark the items as related.  Not sure how... review how to setup related items here.

The related items feature ensures that the "empty" card will always appear along with the "full" card while playing games in Bitsboard.

For example, to present these two items together, just launch the "Photo Touch" game.  If you want to only have two items appear while playing Photo Touch, just change the min and max images to show in the Photo Touch game to two.