While Bitsboard offers a ton of content and games for free, there are two in-app-purchases which help us to partially cover our development costs of Bitsboard.  The in app purchases include:

  • Premium Subscription - Access to premium content
  • Go PRO features - Access to premium features

What's the difference between the Premium Subscription and the Go PRO Super Power license?


The "Premium Subscription" unlocks access to ALL features / premium Bitsboard classes.  The Bitsboard premium classes consists of a huge library of boards across many subjects.  Each class was created and curated by a professionally trained educator.  Each premium class contains professionally recorded audio and gorgeous photos.  In total, there are tens of thousands of bits of information that have been covered.  All of that we have made available for one low price.


The PRO features unlock all of the premium tools and capabilities that make Bitsboard an indispensable tool for teachers and educators including.

  • Adding the ability to add unlimited users
  • Adding the ability to create and share Bitsboard Classes
  • Adding the ability to add / search for images from the web
  • Adding the ability to add / search for You Tube videos
  • Adding the ability to track user progress over time
  • Adding the ability to export / import boards via Dropbox