To make Bitsboard more fun and exciting for little ones, we have added two exciting new features.  Both of these features are available by going to Settings > Account.

From the user's account page you can now configure custom success sounds as well as decide what kind of a reward screen to display at the end of each session.

Custom Success Sounds

To encourage and reward users you can now play custom success sounds such as (awesome, good job, etc.) instead of just playing a generic sound each time a user gets a correct answer.  If you want to enable the custom success sounds be sure to turn them on.  

You can either use the success sounds that come pre-loaded with the app or record your own.  

All of these settings are saved at the user level.  This means that you can create custom success sounds using the users name such as "Awesome Felix!."  You can also turn success sounds on for some users and leave the setting off for other users that prefer to just hear a beep.

Success Screens - Stickers vs. Scorecard

While showing a scorecard is great, we frequently heard that it is not fun and engaging for little ones.  That's why we have added the option to display a sticker rewards page instead.  

The sticker rewards page is really simple.  At the end of each session, users will see a sticker rewards page and they can add one sticker by dragging it to their collection.  Each time you switch users or relaunch the app, you will see a new sticker rewards page and get a selection of new stickers.

While the user will see the sticker rewards screen, all of the student activity and results are still being logged and can easily be accessed from the main user page.  On the main user page, just press on the user name and then select "view stats" to view the user's results.

To learn more about user tracking, check out this user tracking guide.