The Bitsboard catalog contains thousands of carefully curated lessons from fellow parents, teachers, and students.  Each board contains a series of flashcards (i.e. bits).  

You can browse through our library of premium featured classes to quickly find some of the most popular items or you can search for specific boards using the search box.  

Teachers love Bitsboard because it allows them to quickly create and share boards and classes (entire collections of boards) with all of their students. As soon as you have created a new board all you have to do is click on the "share" button and voila... your board is now available for anyone to download from the Bitsboard Catalog.  

You can quickly find boards in the catalog by using the search box.

You can also search by user name to quickly find all of the boards from your favorite teachers on Bitsboard. 

Just think of how much easier and more fun it is to suddenly share new vocabulary, lessons, flashcards, etc. with your students.  All they need to know is the name of your class in the Bitsboard catalog, request to join the class and going forward, anytime you update the content of your class, all of your students will instantly have access to your updated content.  Plus all of the content you share via Bitsboard classes is private!