Bitsboard allows you to add as many users as you like.  This way you can create a custom learning environment for every user.  This is really important so that you don't have to keep tweaking all of the individual game settings and preferences.  They are always stored at the user level.  

For example, if Felix is just getting started, you can limit the Photo Touch game to show a max. of 4 images.  For Sonya, who is much more experienced, however, you could set the max. number of images on Photo Touch to 16.  Instead of having to keep changing the settings, all you now have to do is to switch between the users which can be done in two clicks. 

To switch between users, just click on the user thumbnail in the top navigation bar. 

You can also switch users by clicking on "Account" on the settings page and then clicking on the user icon in the top right. 

On the main user page, you can either select a user, select the guest account or click on the plus button to add a new user. 

Now select to either add a new user, login an existing user, or login with Facebook.

You can create local user accounts or register a new user.

A local user account is great for adding your kids or your students because you don't need to add any email or password.  

A registered user is great for sharing your boards online and for backing up all of your boards.

Once you have added a user, you can easily customize the entire app for the user by tapping on the user name.  When you do, you will see the following options.

Select Boards allows you to turn individual boards ON and OFF for each user.  That way you can easily control exactly what content each user has access to.

Select Games allows you to turn individual games ON and OFF for each user. That way you can easily control which games each user has access to.

View Stats allows you to see how every user is performing.  It's an easy way to review the scores and activities of each user.