To share a board on Bitsboard, just press on the up arrow and then select the "Share on Bitsboard" option from the drop down menu.

The moment you "share" a board the board gets uploaded to the Bitsboard catalog.  Sharing boards accomplishes three things.

1. It allows you to share boards with other Bitsboard users.  

All the other user has to know is the name of your board so that when they search for it in the Bitsboard catalog they can download it with one click.  Teachers love sharing boards with their students for example.  All they have to do is create a beautiful board one time and as soon as they share it their students can download it from the catalog.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to give your board a unique name to make it easier to find.  In the example below, the teacher named all of her spelling boards with "U2" so when you search for "spelling u2" they instantly appear.

2. It makes it easy to sync boards across devices

Mom's love creating custom boards to help their kids excel in school.  However, often the kids are using a different iPad.  By sharing a board, the mom can create content on one iPad and easily download the same board via the Bitsboard catalog on the other device.

3. Sharing creates an online backup

When you share a board, we instantly create a copy of it online. This means that if you ever lose your device or experience problems with the app, you don't have to worry about the custom boards you have created because you can always download them again from the Bitsboard catalog in just one click.

PRO TIP 1: If you have already published a board on the Catalog you can always update it by first making changes to the board on your device and then clicking on "Share" again.  This way you can update the board name and add, edit, or delete any card you like.

PRO TIP 2: If you want to share boards privately just use the "Email Board" option.  This will send an email of the board to the student without sharing the board publicly.  The board is still being uploaded to Bitsboard, so that the recipient can download the board.  However, the board won't be available on the Bitsboard catalog.

PRO TIP 3: You can also share multiple boards at once and automatically push new updates to your students by using Bitsboard Classes.

Learn more about Bitsboard Classes 

PRO TIP 4: You can create private backups by adding all of your boards to a class called "Backups." Since any board that belongs to a class is automatically private, only you will have access to the boards you backup via your private class.