One of the things that makes Bitsboard magical is how fast and easy it is to create your own lessons.  The reason for this is quite simple.  You instantly get full access to the Bitsboard Catalog of images when creating new items so you don't have to spend hours trying to find the right images.

To customize Bitsboard, you first click on the settings button in the top right corner from the home screen.

Once you are on the settings page, select "Boards" to review or edit existing boards or to create a new board.  

To create a new board, just click on the plus button and you will see a series of options. 

  • View Catalog: This sends you to the Bitsboard catalog to find and download a new board.
  • Import My Boards: This lets you view all of your boards that you have previously shared with the Bitsboard catalog.  This way you can rapidly download your boards on any device or restore boards if you had to reset your iPad.
  • Create New Board: This lets you create a new board
  • Copy or Combine: This lets you copy a single board or combine multiple existing boards into one new board. 

Once you select "Create New Board", a new board will be created.  The next step is to enter the name of the board at the very top of the screen as indicated below.

Once you have added the name of the board, it's time to add your first card by clicking on the "+" sign.

This will open up a blank new card.  The first step when creating a new card is to add the label (i.e. word, phrase, or sentence) such as "strawberry."  As soon as you press "done" or close the keyboard, Bitsboard will load a series of suggested images (if any are available).  

All you need to do next is select the picture that you would like to add by clicking on any of the thumbnails at the top and the picture will automatically be added for you.

If you are creating cards with text only, then you can remove the image by clicking on the "X" button in the top right corner.

If you like to add your own images, then all you have to do is click on "Add Media" in the center / main area where the photo will appear.

As soon as you tap on Add Photo you will see the following options.

You can add photos from:

  • Photos from Library - access your photo albums
  • Camera - to take new photos
  • Search Bitsboard - to find great images from our catalog
  • Web Search - to find great images online
  • Facebook - to add photos from your Facebook account
  • Flickr - add photos from your Flickr account
  • Picasa - add photos from your Picasa account
  • Dropbox - add photos from your Dropbox account

To add a recording to the new card, just press the record button.

 You can check your recording by pressing the play button.

You can also add a description to each card (bit).  Adding descriptions is great for adding definitions, examples, translations, etc. 


Bitsboard also allows you to specify related items.  

Related items enables you to customize the games / specific screens that users will be seeing while playing games.

Here is an example.  Say you want to create a lesson that helps users to learn their letters.  Many students struggle with similar letters such as b, d, p, and q.  In Bitsboard, you can mark these related letters so that they will appear as the trick / distractor tiles in games such as Photo Touch.

Once you have selected which items (if any) in the board are related to the card (bit) that you are looking at, you will see that while playing games they appear as the trick / distractor tiles.

Adding related items is entirely optional.  If you do not specify which bits are related, then while playing games, Bitsboard will always randomly pick other bits from the same board.  It is just a great advanced feature for those that want more control when creating lessons, boards, and games.