Memory Cards is based on the classic Memory board game.  It is a fun, exciting, and social way to continue learning. Memory Cards can be played with up to four players.

To make the Memory Game more fun and educational, we have added multiple different ways of playing it.  For example, instead of just matching the same images, there are also options to match the images to the text, or images to the audio or label.

Not only that.  We have even added an option to turn all of the cards "face up." This way even little kids or kids with special needs can enjoy playing Memory Cards.

Since player skills vary tremendously, we have of course made Memory Cards customizable.

The settings options include

  •  Max Items: Here you specify the max. number of images to display while playing Memory Cards.
  • Display Cards Face Up: If you want to play Memory Cards with all of the cards visible at all times.  
  • Multiplayer: Turn the multiplayer mode off to launch the Memory game with one click in single player mode.
  • Matching Options: Here you specify the type of matching game that you would like to play.  The options include.
    • Match Image to image
    • Match text to text
    • Match image to audio
    • Match image to text
    • Match image

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