Reader is a custom Photo Touch game that is specifically designed for aspiring readers.  Instead of hearing an audio prompt, the user sees the label of the item they have to find at the top of the screen.

Users can always click on the speaker icon at the top to get additional help and hear the audio.

The difficulty of the Reader game is adjusted automatically based on the user's skill.  After two correct answers, the game automatically gets a little more difficult by showing more photos.  After two wrong answers, the game automatically gets easier by showing fewer photos.

Like all Bitsboard Games, this game can be adjusted from the settings page to your liking. 

The settings options include

  • Min Images: Here you specify the min. number of images to display while playing Photo Touch.
  •  Max Images: Here you specify the max. number of images to display while playing Photo Touch.
  • Audio hints: For advanced players you can turn the audio hint off.  
  • Session Length: 
    • Per round: Include between 1 and 20 items per round or all items.
    • Rounds: Go between 1 and 10 rounds or set it to continuous to keep playing without ever being interrupted by a scorecard.
  • Sequence: 
    • A to Z: Bits will appear in alphabetical order
    • Random: Bits will appear in random order
    • As entered: Bits will appear in the order you set them
  • Progression:
    • Automatic: The game will automatically advance to the next screen after each correct answer.  
    • Manual: The user has to click on the next button after each correct answer. Manual is a great option if you want to review what someone did before proceeding with the next question. 

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