With Pop Quiz, Bitsboard makes traditional multiple questions quizzes fun to play.  Depending on the skills of the user, Pop Quiz will display anywhere from 2 to 6 possible answers for each question.  

Like Photo Touch, the difficulty is increased or decreased automatically while the user is playing.  After two consecutive correct choices the difficulty goes up by one and after two consecutive incorrect choices the difficulty goes down by one.  

Of course you can set adjust the game to your preferences. 

The settings options include

  • Min Choices: Here you specify the min. number of answer choices to display.
  •  Max. Choices: Here you specify the max. number of answer choices to display.
  • Audio Hints: For advanced players, you can turn the audio hints off.  
  • Session Length: 
    • Per round: Include between 1 and 20 items per round or all items.
    • Rounds: Go between 1 and 10 rounds or set it to continuous to keep playing without ever being interrupted by a scorecard.
  • Sequence: 
    • A to Z: Bits will appear in alphabetical order
    • Random: Bits will appear in random order
    • As entered: Bits will appear in the order you set them
  • Progression:
    • Automatic: The game will automatically advance to the next screen after each correct answer.  
    • Manual: The user has to click on the next button after each correct answer. Manual is a great option if you want to review what someone did before proceeding with the next question. 

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